notes found in the girls bathroom on my campus

The last one! I heard an anti-feminist argue that our “don’t teach women not to get raped, teach men not to rape” was anti-male, implying that all men are rapists but tell me, does the implication that a woman must cover-up as to avoid ‘tempting’ a potential rapist not imply that all men are rapists more-so? To imply that a man raped a woman because she was wearing revealing clothes and thus that all women can and should avoid rape by not wearing revealing clothes, is to imply that men cannot handle their urges if turned on or attracted to a woman. That is far more of a negative implication about men then teaching boys at a young age to respect women. Far more negative. That’s why it angers me when people imply feminism is sexist - no! Men suffer from the patriarchy too as it is because of the gender roles that come with it. You can take down patriarchy without it having to crush the freedom of men and to think otherwise is actually the sexist thinking because some men cannot accept the idea of living without privilege as opposed to actually living as equals with us, which is what bringing down the patriarchy would do (create equality).

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