Author Joan Walsh on her book, What’s The Matter With White People and the notion that minorities get handouts while whites work hard.

JW: Far too many white Americans — especially those who do not come from wealth or privilege — don’t understand the extent to which they’ve had help. There are so many fault lines in the GOP theory of individualism, self-reliance and this latest rhetoric of “we built this.” White men, in particular, have enjoyed a de facto affirmative action for centuries, but even [white] women’s suffrage in the 1920s did very little for women of color.
I’m not a sociologist, but I believe that the liberal left often focus too much on the racist, white fringe in our society. We must stop that. Instead let’s educate people who aren’t racist, yet remain ignorant and ill-informed. History matters. There is a terrible tendency to see every black person who gets an Ivy League degree as having gotten help getting there, but whites somehow “deserve” it. Our society, culture and media all participate in that misguided narrative.

Unions: useful.

(via Why this bus has a garden on top of it)
The project is called “Bus Roots” and it was conceived by New York City designer Marco Antonio Castro Cosio for his graduate thesis at New York University. He calls it “nomadic urban agriculture,” and a prototype has already hit the streets courtesy of the BioBus, a mobile science lab that has traveled between New York and Ohio.
“And what becomes clear is that all these so-called concerns about “immodesty” are really just an angle to pressure women to accept a second class status. Modesty: Hiding yourself and avoiding clothes you find appealing, trying your best to be invisible. Responsiveness: Giving men attention and smiles they demand, no matter how miserable it makes you to do so. Gentleness: Giving up the urge to fight for yourself, instead just giving in and submitting. Women exist, in their eyes, to serve and to be invisible when they can’t be of direct use to men. Reproductive rights and sexual autonomy threaten that view of women, because these things suggest that instead of a servant class, women are people just like men, instead of creatures put on earth to serve men.”

I need feminism because the word VAGINA is still considered offensive. I want to be able to talk about my body parts without using dumb nicknames.